Homus (Lg)

A Chickpea – Tahini Dip (Lg)

Homus (Sm)

A Chickpea – Tahinhi Dip (Sm)

Smoked Eggplant – Tahini Dip (Lg)

Smoked Eggplant – Tahini Dip (Sm)


Aged cheese served with diced onions and tomato

Marinated in a Mediterranean sauce

With ground meat, rice, and spices

Kafta Kabob

A mix of fresh ground meat with minced onions and…

Lamb Kabob

Baby Lamb Cuts All served with rice and grilled vegetables

Topped with spinach, onions and feta

Swordfish, Salmon and Shrimp

A combination of Shish, Kafta, Chicken

Vegetarian kibbee baked with spinach, onion, and chic peas with…

Ground chickpeas served over a bed of greens, garnished with…

Yogurt, chickpea, pine nuts & toasted pita chips